Dexter Sinister

June 21 – December 16, 2022


12 years ago, Dexter Sinister invested in a future spirit. Here’s how they described it in a prospectus at the time:

The production of BLACK WHISKY is a joint undertaking by Dexter Sinister, publishers (New York, USA) and Stählemühle, distillers (Eigeltingen-Münchhof, Germany). Distillation is due to take place in the summer of 2010, towards the production of a batch-distilled, single Bavarian malt, non-blended whisky, using pure water from the Black Forest, which will mature for 12 years in a used Bourbon barrel imported from the USA, to be bottled and distributed sometime after 2021.

Meanwhile, inevitably, things have changed. Dexter Sinister no longer runs a basement bookstore, and now operates (mostly) remotely from New York and Scotland. After a too-successful run, Stählemühle has stopped distilling spirits. And the name “Black Whisky,” chosen through a chain of obscure reasoning in 2010, has shifted its register 12 years later on. And yet, now, the whisky is ready.

Please join us for a LAUNCH EVENT on the summer solstice

JUNE 21, 2022, 7 PM
P! (fka K,)
Ebersstrasse 3, 10827 Berlin
S1 to Julius-Leber-Brücke, U7 to Kleistpark
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where Dexter Sinister and Stählemühle will jointly distill the last 12 years of making a cooperative spirit, while we all sample the results. Thereafter, KCALB YKSIHW will remain on view at P! through 2022 by appointment.