K, A Year with P. Krishnamurthy
In collaboration with KW Institute for Contemporary Art

3 February 2018 – 19 January 2019

Address: Ebersstraße 3, 10827 Berlin-Schöneberg
Open Fridays, 11–5 pm and by appointment at kontakt@k-komma.de

K, (“K-Komma”) is a “workshop for exhibition-making” founded by designer, curator, writer, and educator P. Krishnamurthy as part of the KW residency format A Year with …. Positioned between “studio and cube”, K, proposes a space for production, presentation, and potential pedagogy that hosts a single, continuous exhibition over 2018. Kicking off with work by East German graphic designer Klaus Wittkugel (1910–1985), the program invites artists, curators, designers, and educational institutions whose names (or pseudonyms) start with “K” to transform the presentation in dialogue with Krishnamurthy. As he has written about the project,

“Over the calendar year, the space compounds collaborators, commingling their individual conceptions of exhibition-making. Rather than crystallizing completely from the start, this cast catalyzes a cycle of crescendoing experimentation with contrasting formats and approaches. Comprising both calculated and casual additions, subtractions, and multiplications—of artworks, objects, ideas, and displays—the presentation accumulates. And so K, constructs itself, one komma-delimited character at a time.”

Curator: P. Krishnamurthy
Project Assistant: Judith Gärtner
Project Website: Christoph Knoth, Konrad Renner
Assistant Curator and Project Management: Cathrin Mayer