Karel Martens exhibition closing and screensaver launch

6 November 2016, 5–7pm

Closing: Sunday, 6 November, 5–7pm
Launch: 6:01pm

On Sunday, 6 November 2016 at 6pm, Karel Martens: Recent Work will close.

At 6:01pm, we will launch Three Times (in Blue and Yellow), a screensaver designed by Karel Martens, programmed and published by O-R-G. Based on a kinetic wall clock of the same name created for the exhibition, the screensaver software uses three blue and yellow rotating disks to display the hours, minutes, and seconds of the current time. While the disks turn, the passing of time produces a collection of graphic arrangements as so many discrete moments.

When the show shuts down, the screensaver will launch on a laptop in the gallery. David Reinfurt will introduce the software and speak briefly. The screensaver will be available for $25 that evening to take with you and continue to exhibit on your own screen.

The screensaver is also already available for download online through the O-R-G software store: