Book launch, screening, virtual tour, and conversation

Friday, 7 April 2017, 6:30pm

Karel Martens will speak in New York about his exhibition, Motion, at Kunstverein München—a not-for-profit contemporary art center in Munich—as well as the corresponding publication, which was co-produced by Kunstverein München and Roma Publications. Chris Fitzpatrick, the Kunstverein’s director, and Julie Peeters, who designed and co-edited the publication, will join Martens in a conversation moderated by Prem Krishnamurthy.

The publication is the seventh in the ‘Companion’ series co-produced by Kunstverein München and Roma Publications. It is an integral part of Motion—a project also comprising a series of international events centered on an exhibition spanning over fifty years of Martens’ interdisciplinary activity, with particular focus on his most recent work. The bulk of the content for the book comes from the video Not for Resale, a sequence of photographs from Martens’ studio walls in Hoog Keppel in 2000. The videos Lost & Found (2004) and TOL (2008) are also included in the book.

This event at P! is the final stop on a tour through Munich, Amsterdam, Vilnius, and Paris, in which Martens, Fitzpatrick, Peeters, and the exhibition’s co-curator Post Brothers have been discussing the publication, screening the videos, and elaborating upon documentation of the exhibition. Since 2012, P! has organized multiple presentations of Martens’ work, including the exhibition Recent Work.

Kunstverein München would like to thank the Kulturstiftung des Bundes for supporting the project.