Qasim Naqvi: Graphic Score for Chronology 20160424 / 41°-74° and recording

Set of five toner prints on paper
11 × 17 inches each
Includes download of audio work
Edition of 50 + 10 APs

Composer Qasim Naqvi developed this graphic score and accompanying musical work for Chronology 20160424 / 41°-74°, a collaborative exhibition with the painter Pippo Lionni. Developed using a Moog Model D synthesizer, the five-part soundtrack to Chronology 20160424 / 41°-74° fluctuates in tone from placid and ethereal to violent and discordant. The graphic score uses a custom notational systems to log the synthesizer’s pitch and durational settings; a visual reflection of the composition’s range and dynamics. Each edition is signed by the artist and includes a unique download code for the composition itself.